Sing For Your Seniors

December is upon us, and what better way to spread holiday cheer than to give back to our community.  I had the incredible privilege to participate with Jackie Vanderbeck DiSalvo’s Sing For Your Seniors.  Sharing the gift of music has never been more fulfilling – there was no job on the line, no audience full of paying patrons, but a small group of the most lovely men and women, fighting to get better.  Together we laughed, we cried, and we shared a very special experience. 

Sing For Your Seniors is a non-profit organization that uses music to change lives.  We provide senior citizens with immediate and long-term benefits through musical enrichment in adult day centers, in hospitals and in living centers.  Our seniors build ongoing relationships with talented young Broadway and Broadway-bound performers as they connect through music.  Our volunteer performers get to “give back” as they share their talents with enthusiastic audiences.”

If you are looking to donate this holiday season, please consider giving to Sing For Your Seniors! 

Broadway Nosh - What More Do You Need?!

Though there are a plethora of reasons to give thanks this November, I am exceedingly thankful for befriending the amazing Kirsten Wyatt.  Not only is this incredible woman a stellar role model on and off the stage, she is an INCREDIBLE cook!  Kirsten combined her two passions (theatre and food) and founded/created Broadway Nosh, where she "chats and cooks with some of Broadway's biggest and brightest stars covering everything from life on the Great White Way to the finer points of cauliflower."

Check out this episode with SU Drama's Julia Murney - I cannot wait to make this cake!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Phil Blechman

October’s Shout Out goes to the incredible playwright and director of THE BLACK BOOK, Mr. Phil Blechman.  Take a night off from the HAMILTON lottery and go see this exhilarating new piece of theatre, while you still can.  Perfectly articulated in the incredible set, Phil’s play is an intricate “chess game of the mind.”  I was on the edge of my seat piecing together the heart-pounding and cinematic story – and this cast delivers one hell of a story!  THE BLACK BOOK opens a dialogue and raises awareness about suicide and mental illness, in a way that we all can relate.

In a Huffington Post interview, Phil shares, “Feeling worthless is terrifying.  Not knowing how you fit in the world is terrifying.  Contemplating if life is worth living leads to really dark places.  But you're not alone.  There are other people dealing with similar things.  It's being brave enough to share those thoughts and feelings.  I believe The Black Book can and will inspire people to have those conversations; give them the confidence to speak. I believe it can make a difference.  I want that for everyone who has ever shared a similar experience of those feelings.  The Black Book helped me and I'm confident it can help others too.” – Click HERE for his entire interview.

THE BLACK BOOK is currently running until November 22, 2015 at the American Theatre of Actors. 


American Theatre of Actors
314 W 54th Street
New York City

Les Missing This Woman

Talk about a BAMF!  This woman is the real deal.  Calling myself lucky is an understatement of how grateful I am to have collaborated with such a brilliant director and human.  Liesl pushed each of us past our preconceived theatrical limitations, challenged us to bring every ounce of humanity out of our characters, and lay our hearts on the stage eight times a week.  Ms. Tommy asks each of her actors to reveal their souls night after night - no BFA can teach you that.  Liesl Tommy inspire greatness.

When in doubt, simply ask yourself, "What would Liesl do?"

Now, go see her latest work at the Public Theatre - Eclipsed

SU Drama 2013 Takes Over The World

Gotta give a shout out to my fellow classmates - Elliot Peterson, Ben Holtzman, and Joseph Fierberg - for their work on the International Tour of Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!  I cannot speak highly enough of these three gentlemen.  Knowing their talents are being shared with thousands of patrons all over the world gives me such pride.  AND WHAT AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE?!  Look at those pictures below!  Congratulations boys - keep up the great work!

Team Jancuska

Yeah... I know... she is pretty dang AMAZING.  Jennifer Jancuska is one my great mentors, both on and off the stage.   Her desire to collaborate and create is contagious!  She will never settle for yesterday's dance steps.  Jen's work is completely innovative, pedestrian, and exceedingly exciting - Ms. Jancuska tells one hell of a story!  To find out more about Jen and her work, check out:


Jen is also the co-founding Artistic Director of Broadway Connection.  "Broadway Connection brings studios, schools and universities worldwide the highest quality dance, singing and acting education in the most convenient and cost effective way possible."  PLEASE spread the word about this incredible program to your friends and colleagues!

Finally, Ms. Jancuska is the Creative Director of the hottest dance event in NYC, BC BEAT!

"As a catalyst for professional development between choreographers, directors, performers and creative team members, BC Beat provides a platform for curious and innovative theatrical choreographers to share story-driven work in an inspired environment of heightened energy and intimate support. The evening is an exciting mix of choreographed work and dance party fun where the dance floor is uniquely shared with all in attendance."


The Orange Mafia

It appears a Bachelor of Fine Arts is the new standard for up-and-coming artists.  With the growing number of excellent universities and programs out there, deciding on the "right" one can seem pretty daunting.  However, no program can make you a good actor, let alone a great one - they simply provide the tools and opportunities necessary for you to learn, fail, and grow.  That said, Syracuse University provides some pretty damn good tools and opportunities for their students.

Besides the fact that you be will welcomed into an incredible support system of alumni, coast to coast, Hollywood Reporter ranked Syracuse University #13 in the world for "Best Drama Schools" - alongside prestigious graduate programs.

Oh yeah... and Jessie Mueller won the 2014 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical.