The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Phil Blechman

October’s Shout Out goes to the incredible playwright and director of THE BLACK BOOK, Mr. Phil Blechman.  Take a night off from the HAMILTON lottery and go see this exhilarating new piece of theatre, while you still can.  Perfectly articulated in the incredible set, Phil’s play is an intricate “chess game of the mind.”  I was on the edge of my seat piecing together the heart-pounding and cinematic story – and this cast delivers one hell of a story!  THE BLACK BOOK opens a dialogue and raises awareness about suicide and mental illness, in a way that we all can relate.

In a Huffington Post interview, Phil shares, “Feeling worthless is terrifying.  Not knowing how you fit in the world is terrifying.  Contemplating if life is worth living leads to really dark places.  But you're not alone.  There are other people dealing with similar things.  It's being brave enough to share those thoughts and feelings.  I believe The Black Book can and will inspire people to have those conversations; give them the confidence to speak. I believe it can make a difference.  I want that for everyone who has ever shared a similar experience of those feelings.  The Black Book helped me and I'm confident it can help others too.” – Click HERE for his entire interview.

THE BLACK BOOK is currently running until November 22, 2015 at the American Theatre of Actors. 


American Theatre of Actors
314 W 54th Street
New York City